Design a system for an art exhibition that focuses on the issue of marginalized groups. The exhibition takes place at SF MOMA. The exhibition will create experiences that provoke dialogue and that inspire creativity and collective action. Art is a responsibility and a mission. This exhibition will bring people’s attention to marginalized communities. Making a progressive change in one world can help us transform others.


I used black and red as the main color scheme to represent marginalized people’s portrayal in our society: helpless but with courage. I used the narrow column width and condensed typefaces to represent the living space of marginalized communities is being squeezed. Justified typesetting gives a feeling of being blocked like the marginalized groups live in their “small boxes.” Neither we nor they can easily break the roles or borders between us because we have no idea where to start; I hope the start is at this exhibition; building equity for all is one of the main things we need to discuss in our society.